Friday, September 25, 2009

Health Care Dissembling

I am so tired of hearing that whining woman's voice saying in a sing-song tone, "Despite what the president or Congress say, their health care proposals do not guarantee you can keep your own doctor. There’s no guarantee you won’t wait longer for care...  face "rationing..." or "lose your insurance " altogether. 

This woman being is paid by former very much for-profit Hospital Corporation of America executive Rick Scott's CPR group to read these lines, which are really a list of what's wrong with the current system.  These problems would pretty much be cured by the heath care reform President Obama is proposing.  She's simply  an actor being paid to do a voice-over.  I think the writers and producers of the spot must really not understand how this bit of nonsense actually plays. 

Every one of their indictments of the proposed changes in the system highlights exactly the stuff the for-profit insurance companies now do.  Each time I hear this, my bad opinion of the current system is reinforced.  And I am also reminded of what liars these people are, because each of their allegations is false. If you doubt me, try this web site:

Somehow I doubt this is what they had in mind when they spent the millions to keep this one broadcasting. 

photo credit: Classroom Clipart

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