Friday, June 28, 2013

Miss Emma 's Triumph

Emma Alice is 8 years old. There was a time we weren't sure this would ever be. She had ALL, childhood leukemia, and went through years of chemotherapy and hospitalizations and stuff no child should ever have to endure, but today, Miss Emma, Warrior Princess, has triumphed and her doctor says we may now use the word "cured" to describe her. 

Since her diagnosis when she was barely 4, her family has had quite an adventure. When she had been in treatment for a few months, the family's insurance company, United Healthcare, decided she had a pre-existing condition and not only refused to pay for her care, they demanded the doctors and hospital pay back every cent they had been paid to that point. If anything would help you appreciate the Affordable Care Act, this should. Insurance companies can no longer get away with such stuff. Her parents were in that awful bracket where they made too much money to qualify for aid, yet could not in any way afford her care. Chemo costs $10,000 per treatment, and Emma was in for 2 1/2 years of it. They held bake sales, they did whatever they could to find resources. Beckstrand Cancer Foundation came to the rescue with much help and support. 

She got the very best care at Children's Hospital of Orange County (California) where they make very sick children as comfortable and happy and well as can be done. Her family did everything in their power to see that she and her brother got all the love and care and fun that was humanly possible. And they have triumphed. 

May Miss Emma have the very best life possible from now on, with the very best health and the biggest scoop of happiness that can be served up. She has proven herself to be a Warrior Princess of the first rank. 

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