Monday, December 28, 2009

It's Me Again -- Layla.

Those kittens are pretty good, especially when they're asleep six feet up on their cat tree.  They kinda look like somebody let the air out of them, though.  When they sleep, they just flatten out and snooze away.  But I'm finding out they're not so bad when they're awake, too.

I confess: I've been playing with the little one, Stillwell.  He's a feisty little guy and he likes me.  It's so much fun to bounce at him and jump back and run in circles!.  He jumps at me and play-swats me on the nose and he thinks it's hilarious.  And they think it's cute, which makes it even better.  And did I tell you how much fun he is?  I'm starting to really love that little guy. 

Just so he doesn't try nursing on me.  He nurses on everything.  He works at stuff with his little tiny feet and he sucks.  People's clothes.  Blankets.  Fuzzy things.  I think he still misses his mom, even though he's three months old.  Maybe they took him away too soon.  It's sad when that happens.  Sometimes I miss my mom, too, and I'm a grown dog, three years old.  But I don't suck on blankets!  Yuck!  He can stay away from Layla if he wants to do that. 

She's knitting mittens today.  Eggplant colored.  The yarn label says "aubergine."  The pattern is a little complicated and she had to rip out a row, but she'll catch on.  I could follow it, but it's hard to hold all those little needles with my paws.  I kind of forget and chew the needles up instead, and that makes her use bad words.  I like the yarn, though.  Sometimes I steal her yarn and make it into toys.  It makes great toys!  She said she'd make me a sweater, but I think she knows I wouldn't wear it.  Not a chance.  I may have short hair, but I'm part chow.  Chows don't wear poodle clothes!  I bet you already knew that. 

When they adopted me, they came all the way to Georgia to get me.  Well, to Chattanooga, and that's about as far.  I was in Atlanta and the shelter woman drove me to Chattanooga.  They met her there.  The shelter woman said I was a border collie mix, but it didn't take them long to discover I wasn't any part of a border collie.  More like chow and pit bull, they think.  The inside of my mouth is black and when I bark, it comes out "poomph," like a proper chow.  The only part about me that's like a border collie is the smarts.  Suzy really is a border collie, but the vet said she has Attention Deficit Disorder.  But she can figure things out OK, like how to open the front gate.  We really get them going when we do that.

Then they put a padlock on it.  Suzy hasn't figured that one out yet and I can't reach the key. 

photo credit: Laura Hoffman

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