Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Me, Layla. I'm taking Over.

First she decided to take a week off for her holiday -- Chanukah, they call it -- they light a ton of candles every night.  (I like the jelly donuts, and we had warm brisket in our kibble three times.  That was great.)  But then she took another week off because she was so scootchy from the OTHER holiday -- the one she doesn't celebrate.  There was so much of it everywhere that she said she just had to hunker down and hide out until they were all finished with it.  She hasn't written a word on here for two whole weeks. 

OK.  That's it.  I'm taking over.  Boy, could I tell you a few things about what's been going on around here.  Chaos.  That's the word for it.

About the time of that other holiday, these two kittens showed up at Mobley.  That's our vet.  It always happens like that with cats.  Somebody dumps one at Mobley and they know just who to pass it on to.  Their cousin Mary Pat who has the pet chicken even sent them a Crazy Cat Lady action figure. The two of them are really suckers for tiny, helpless, abandoned kittens and the staff at Mobley knows it.

Helpless.  Yeah, right.  Have you seen those tiny razor claws?  Suzy found out about those when she tried to -- uh -- play with that little tomcat.  Smart move, Suze!  They may be little and fluffy and look like living dog toys, but helpless, they're not. 

Anyhow, they stopped by Mobley to get heart worm meds -- I have to take those because I actually had heartworm once.  Got it when I was living on the street.  Let me tell you, the treatment for that is no fun!   I was in a crate for months.  Well, it seemed like months, with no running and playing at all, but I'm well now.  It's over.  No more treatments that make you feel bad.  I'm taking my meds, though.  They never forget to give them to me. 

Laura was sad because Ms Hobbes, who is nineteen and seems to be getting lighter and wispier by the day, and sleeping more, and says she hurts all over, is headed for the Rainbow Bridge.  So the people at Mobley used this as an excuse to dump two little tiny kittens on them.  Two!  They're not even related, but they said they couldn't be separated.  And these two fell for it. 

So now we have cat chaos.  Panther wouldn't stop growling and hissing at anybody in a cat suit -- even her best friend Mary Margaret!  She just went totally bonkers.  Ralpher is so mad he may never be the same.  He is beginning to forgive them, but only because Laura lets him use her Mac Book in the morning to write his memoirs and email his friends in Peru.  Joey is cool because he thinks he's transitioning into a dog, so one more cat doesn't phase him.  He even plays with the little tyrants.  So does Mary Margaret, but she wants to wash their butts and they don't think so.  Ms Shadow is such a cool old dog, and all the cats love her, but these little bitty kittens think she's the dog from hell and they hiss and spit and growl at her so much, they have broken her heart.  Even Mary Margaret, who was a total brat when she was a kitten, always loved and trusted Shadow. 

For a couple of days there, I thought those kittens had rocked our world and not in a good way, but they seem to be growing on me.  If they get too far out, I just tell on them.  I tell on them a lot.  They don't bother me because I stay out of their way, but it's important that we have order around here, and I have learned I'm not in charge. It's not my door, so somebody else has to maintain it. 

Do they have obedience training for cats? 

The funniest thing is, Panther finally made up with Mary Margaret and stopped growling and hissing at those kittens, but now the kittens won't stop growling and hissing at her. 

I killed the knitted brown alpaca mouse she made for them.  It was only fair. 

Dodger and Stillwell, notorious kittens.  Do they look like trouble to you?

photo credit: Laura Hoffman

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