Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mary Margaret of the Strict Observance

Mary Margaret is a cat of the strict observance.  None of that blurring-the-lines-coexistence stuff for her.  She meows of herself in the plural -- the Imperial Cat "We."  No nonsense about playing with the dogs, or sharing her food with them, or cosying up to them or sharing a spot on the bed with them at night.  We are a cat of the strict observance and We shall not be refused.  Our needs come first, and shall be met.  No other animal of any kind will be tolerated, including other cats. (Except maybe sometimes Old Hobbes and maybe sweet little Pantherette, but only for a moment. We become bored or annoyed and fisticuffs ensue. And We always win.)


Do you think it's time to go to sleep?  No.  We want to be petted now.  We will make biscuits on your pillow until you pay attention.  Scratch the top of Our head, please, but not the ears.  The ears are forbidden.  You may pull Our tail, gently.  Now that you are fully awake, I will ask you not to touch Us.  You may now rest until it is time for Us to be fed.

On the other hand, Joey Moustache is a CaDog.  None of that uppity cat stuff for him.  He is not a bit shy about sharing a dish of food with a dog or having a wrestle with his best friend, Suzy the border collie.  They sleep together under the bed.  He hangs with her in the daytime.  He plays chase games with her -- sometimes he teases her until she chases him, sometimes he chases her.  He likes dog stuff.  He loves his cat brother Ralph, but he really prefers the company of canines.  So much less drama!  He aspires to be one someday.  He has marked Suzy thoroughly.  She belongs to him. 

Mary Margaret?  He's reasonably polite, but if she asked him a question, he'd pretend not to hear it.  Better to just stay out of that realm entirely. 

"Pick your battles," Joey always says, rubbing up against his dog friends and purring with a full throated voice. 

photo credit: Laura Hoffman

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